Karl Bridges Beyond the . 2.0 and Librarianship

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Книга "Beyond the . 2.0 and Librarianship".

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Wade Alcorn The Hacker's Handbook

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Hackers exploit browser vulnerabilities to attack deep within networks The Hacker's Handbook gives a practical understanding of hacking the everyday web browser and using it as a beachhead to launch further attacks deep into corporate networks. Written by a team of highly experienced computer security experts, the handbook provides hands-on tutorials exploring a range of current attack methods. The web browser has become the most popular and widely used computer «program» in the world. As the gateway to the Internet, it is part of the storefront to any business that operates online, but it is also one of the most vulnerable entry points of any system. With attacks on the rise, companies are increasingly employing browser-hardening techniques to protect the unique vulnerabilities inherent in all currently used browsers. The Hacker's Handbook thoroughly covers complex security issues and explores relevant topics such as: Bypassing the Same Origin Policy ARP spoofing, social engineering, and phishing to access browsers DNS tunneling, attacking web applications, and proxying—all from the browser Exploiting the browser and its ecosystem (plugins and extensions) Cross-origin attacks, including Inter-protocol Communication and Exploitation The Hacker's Handbook is written with a professional security engagement in mind. Leveraging browsers as pivot points into a target's network should form an integral component into any social engineering or red-team security assessment. This handbook provides a complete methodology to understand and structure your next browser penetration test.

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Network motorized pan tilt head with control box and WIFI module controlled from web browser in local network for DSLR,GH4

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Обложки Для Прописей Школа России 1 Класс

Ryan Teeter Google Sites and Chrome For Dummies

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Curious about Google Sites and how team collaboration sites can help you share documents online from various locations? Curious about Google’s new Chrome browser? Google Sites & Chrome For Dummies has what you want to know! Today, Google is so much more than another word for “search.” Google Sites & Chrome For Dummies shows you how to create great collaborative sites with Google Sites and surf the with the super-fast Google Chrome browser. Find out how they work with other Google Apps, too. You’ll learn to: Take advantage of free hosting, free tools, and a simple, straightforward interface with Google Sites Set up a Google account or Google Apps account Create wiki sites that let coworkers collaborate on projects or keep family members up to date Use Google gadgets to keep track of projects, manage calendars and documents, or display photos Integrate documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other Google Apps into your site Work with Contact List, Google Talk, and Google Chat, and handle e-mail with Gmail Download and install the speedy Google Chrome browser Install browser plug-ins, enable offline access to Google Docs, and manage misbehaving tabs You’ll even find instructions and examples to help you plan sites for personal and business use, plus a sample college course site. With advice from Google Sites & Chrome For Dummies, you can make collaboration easy and have the high-speed at your fingertips.

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600ml 750ml Stainless Cocktail Shaker Mixer Drink Bartender Kit Bars Set Tools Bartender Tool

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Nokia Body Cardio Купить

10Pcs/Set Stainless Cocktail Shaker Ice Tong Mixer Drink Bartender Kit Bars Set Tools Professional Bartender Tool

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Всадник На Грифоне Schleich

13Pcs/Set Stainless Cocktail Shaker Ice Tong Mixer Drink Boston Bartender Kit Bars Set Professional Bartender Tool

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Saghar Estehghari Impact of Client-side Vulnerabilities on -based E-voting Systems

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E-voting systems are composed of machines located in polling stations. The research has shown that these systems are vulnerable to hacking attacks that endanger anonymity of voters and correctness of results. The implementation of such e-voting systems using web-based technologies has recently become a hot topic. Helios is a web-based open-audit voting system designed by Adida at Harvard University. State of the art web technologies and advanced cryptographic techniques have been utilized to provide integrity of ballots and voter secrecy in the insecure Internet environment. However this book demonstrates that the matter of computer and web browser security has not been considered properly in this application. For this work, an attack is designed and implemented by exploiting both software and web browser vulnerabilities on client's machine. Thus this gives an opportunity to an attacker to tamper with the integrity of an election. This book targets not only computer scientists and security professionals but also computer users. It shows the extend to which the vulnerabilities on client machines may risk the privacy of users on the Internet environment.

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CCIE# 6183 Michael HouTong Luo Deploying Cisco Unified Contact Center Express

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Install, deploy, configure and troubleshoot Cisco Unified Contact Center Express. Inbound and outbound call distribution, Desktop Suite and Finesse, database and web chat, scripting and trace analyzing. Cisco and third-party tools such as CET, RTMT, LDAP , and WinGrep.Written by Michael HouTong Luo, CCIE# 6183 (Routing/Switching and Collaboration), author of ""Deploying Cisco Unified Presence"".

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Lukas Brausch XML3D based Molecular Structure Visualization using BALLView and Ballaxy

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Bachelor Thesis from the year 2014 in the subject Computer Science - Applied, grade: 1,3, Saarland University, language: English, abstract: The field of molecular visualization is an important part of biology, chemistry, medical computer science and bioinformatics. Molecular visualizations can help scientists to gain a better understanding of underlying mechanisms of molecular structures, even for large sets of data. With this thesis, we aim at bringing molecular visualizations to the browser. In order to achieve this goal, this thesis introduces a new online visualization tool for the web-based molecular structure analysis system ballaxy. Ballaxy is a customized version of the popular molecular data analysis and workflow system Galaxy and relies on the Biochemical Algorithms Library (BALL) framework. This framework provides molecular modeling functionality for structural bioinformatics.This new ballaxy tool equips scientists with a small and handy application to visualize molecular structures directly in the browser without forcing them to use any additional tools or browser plugins. It makes use of the HTML extension XML3D to render molecular visualizations in the browser and optimizes the already existing XML3D export feature available in BALL and its accompanied molecular visualization tool BALLView.The implementation of this optimization exploits XML3D features, which have been added to the XML3D library only recently. It removes many redundancies in the resulting docume...

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Paul Bappoo BIRT for Beginners

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BIRT promises to deliver the utopian vision of an enterprise capable,open source, easy to use, interactive, graphically rich, web based reporting tool. This book presents an overview and tutorials on all the open source tools as well as the commercial enhancements available from Actuate including Eclipse BIRT Designer, Actuate BIRT Designer, iServer Express, Interactive BIRT viewer, Actuate BIRT Studio, BIRT Spreadsheet Designer. With walkthrough tutorials of the main features, including screenshots you will learn how to Install BIRT from scratch, Perform complex data selections, Filter and group data, Create computed columns, Add runtime parameters, Format your reports for maximum impact, Create fully graphical Flash charts, Publish your reports on the web, Design reports in a web browser and much more. If you are too busy to spend days learning software and want tangible results fast then BIRT For Beginners is for you.

Martin Spicker Von Blogs, Wikis und Podcasts. Der Wandel der Internetnutzung seit den Neunziger Jahren

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Akademische Arbeit aus dem Jahr 2007 im Fachbereich BWL - Marketing, Unternehmenskommunikation, CRM, Marktforschung, Social Media, Note: 1,3, Hochschule Niederrhein in Mönchengladbach , Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Die Nutzung des Internets hat seit der Entwicklung durch Berners-Lee verschiedene Trendverläufe erfahren. Bis Mitte der 90er Jahre befanden sich nur Wissenschaftler und Experten mit extrem hohem technischen Verständnis im www. Die Nutzung beschränkte sich auf wenige, das Potenzial war jedoch enorm, sofern es gelang, die Interpretation der Daten auch ohne technisches Verständnis zu gewährleisten. Dies änderte sich 1993. Marc Andreesen schaffte den entscheidenden Durchbruch, um das Internet massentauglich zu gestalten, indem er den - Mosaic entwarf. Durch dieses Programm wurden Internet-Seiten für einen PC interpretierbar. Weitaus komfortabler gestaltete sich die -Software knapp ein Jahr später durch den Navigator, der mittels der von Andreesen und Jim Clark gegründeten Firma Netscape vertrieben wurde. In kürzester Zeit verbreitete sich die Botschaft des neuen Kommunikationsmediums um den Globus. Durch die steigende Zahl der Nutzer wuchs der Anreiz der Unternehmen, ihre Marketing-Bemühungen auf das Netz auszuweiten.Aus dem Inhalt:- Internetnutzung Mitte der 90er Jahre bis 2006- Merkmale des 2.0- Social Networks / Social